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Seven Best Photo Editing App For Android

Seven Best Photo Editing App For Android

Well in today’s article, we will tell you the top 7 best photo editing apps for smartphones that will make your picture like a blender. Photo editing apps are amazing. But the main thing is which photo editing software you are choosing.

If you picked up the wrong photo editing app then instead of making your photo beautiful, it will harm photos like monsters. That’s the reason we are here to present you 7 best photo editing apps/applications/ software for android.

7 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

#01. PicsArt

This best-ever smartphone photo editing app available on the play store or you can say best on the internet which can create a 100% difference in your original to the edited photo.

PicsArt has been download by almost 500+ Million times by users and with over 9+ million users feedback along with 4.3 ratings. This app is standing at the top of the list of play store as the best photo editor apps.

PicsArt is providing almost every feature needed to make a photo superb or outstanding. As a beginner, it gets difficult to use but doesn’t worry about it. Because lots of tutorials and Guiding videos about PicsArt are already available on the youtube or web.

Seven Best Photo Editing App For Android

#02. Photo Editor Pro

This is a complete package for photo editing. It comes with 100s of filters and features that make your photo outstanding.

Even this app helps you to remove or replace unusual photo backgrounds with one click, that’s pretty good. One of the best features that I really enjoyed about this app is, it provides a feature called body editor and with the help of this feature, you can edit your photo in a variety of ways. In short this a pretty good photo editor which you can use to make your photos more attractive.

#03. Snapseed

Snapseed is always considered as one of the best Photo Editing software for android and definitely, you should try it once for your website photos, for compressing and editing. With all the basic features like crop, rotate and glamour glow it also comes with lots of amazing features. One of the best features is, you can blur your background with this app. Snapseed is the official application of Google, so at least your data is safe.

#04. Comic’s & Cartoon Maker

Everyone has his/her requirements and that the reason we are here with different types of photo editing apps. If you are a comic lover then you may ever think about, how would you look like a comic cartoon? Or maybe you have seen some DP’s and photos that look like a comic cartoon. If you wanna try something like that then you should try this app once. This app provides many types of comic filters which you can apply to your photos to make them like a comic cartoon.

#05. Lightroom

I have put this app in my list at 5th position but it’s one of the best apps that you can use to edit your photo for business logo design. Lots of color corrections make this more and more outstanding. Lightroom can transform your photos 100%. You can edit photos like a pro with the help of Lightroom and the best thing is, even a newbie can edit attractive images in it. A feature like color adjustment, contrast, saturation, vibrance more makes this app user choice.

#06. Enlight Pixaloop

Literally, this is an amazing app that can drastically change your photo. It’s like putting lives in your photos. You can do animations on your photos with this application. Like you took a photo and then you can add animation (Waterfall, sky, etc.) in the background.

You can add overlays to your photos to make them more attractive. Like some leaves, butterflies, sunrays, and things like that. If you looking for any photo editing app like this then you must try once this one.

#07. Afterlight

As the name suggests this app can help you to play with your photos light very easily. Afterlight is a kind of universal photo editing app. If you like to click photos related to nature or want to increase or decrease the light of your picture. This app will be a good choice.

Afterlight comes with lots of filters and you can even change your photo’s lighting, saturation, contrast, and textures. You can convert the very latest image into a very old-looking image. All these features come with this application.